DAY 35 – Destination O’ahu, April 2013

DAY 35

DAY 35 – Last Day and what a great way to finish! Ian drove us around the island [14 of us today] and we discovered many of the North Shore sights including Shark Cove & Waimea Falls (I finally got to swim under a waterfall and it was THE BEST!). It was a massive day but company was great! Thank you Fiona McDonald, Chloe, Judy & Neil – we made happy memories. We also celebrated Brookes birthday today which is tomorrow and went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, but not before doing some last minute shopping at The International Marketplace. smile emoticon. Thank you everyone for reading about our adventures and encouraging and giving us tips along the way. I have loved sharing with you. We had a fantastic time and feel very blessed. Looking forward to being back on home soil tomorrow. Aloha & Mahalo Hawaii.

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