About Us

Meet the Masons

We are a family that is passionate about life, passionate about helping others, passionate about travel, and passionate about finding accommodation in all areas of the globe for 7 or more people.

Our family consists of 2 adults and 6 children (yes, they are all ours), and over the years we have travelled to many areas within Australia as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, & Hawaii. We have often been challenged finding accommodation to suit our family’s requirements but we always manage after hours upon hours of research.

There is a gap in the market and we are determined to take the hassle out of finding accommodation for large families. We will be regularly adding new accommodation to the site so be sure to return regularly for new holiday destinations and inspirations.

You can assist us by adding your own accommodation or recommending a place that you have stayed at which was suitable for large families. Another way you can assist is by rating an accommodation that we currently have listed. We would love to hear your experiences and travel stories.

Rebecca & the fam