DAY 20 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 20

DAY 20 – Yee Ha! The Masons have learned the art of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and we learnt on Hanalei River….so, so, so, so, so pretty. Michelle you would be proud of us. You now have 8 new SUP buddies!
Before our stand up paddle boarding adventures we went on 2 hikes.
1/ Down to view the Queens Baths which are so pretty to get to but to actually view the baths it was a bit too scary. Many people have been washed out to sea viewing these particular baths so we just went as far as we felt safe…
2/ one that a local mentioned starting from a local road in Hanalei. This one was a different challenge – very steep to begin with then levelled out. Some of our group didn’t cope so well with this one so we only got to the first viewing point. Brittany & Lachlan were satisfied with the first viewing point not to venture any further. Ian, Corey, Brooke & Kynan ventured a little further but then turned around.
Grumpy/Grandad/Albert to our surprise had conquered most of the steep incline, but when he saw us (not even having seen the view), ventured back with us. It was a mighty effort for Grumpy, and it seems, a little too challenging as the assistance of a nice young man by the name of Eric from Alaska, and Ian was required to help Grumpy down the rest of the track!
No more hikes for Grumpy!!!
Tomorrow we leave this beautiful part of the world and fly to Hilo, on The Big Island, where we will get up close & personal with a live volcano. Eeeeeeeeek!

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