DAY 19 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 19

DAY 19 – we had a weird kind of day today. Set out to explore the Limahuli Garden and Preserve and it was CLOSED because the whole area is on ‘Flash Flood’ warning and then we decided it would be a good idea to turn around and go back ‘home’ as we were in an area that could quite well be prone to flash flooding.
As we were heading ‘home’ the weather seemed to be clearing up so we made the decision to visit Kilohana Plantation Railway. Kind of wish we had made a different choice as it was a ‘tourist trap’. Overpriced gimmicky train ride where we got to feed some goats, sheep, wild pigs and chickens. Hmmmmmmm…..never mind, kids enjoyed it and we thought we would enjoy the old historic homestead on the property. Well, we were disappointed. It is an old historic homestead but it has been RUINED by retail. The whole house is full of exclusive shops and the ‘old stuff’ was there but easily overlooked because of the retail in everywhere crevice.
I did actually find a dress I really, really, really liked (for those that know me well – it was black & white striped). I tried on the dress in one change room, the kids were in the other change room being supervised (I thought) when there was a massive clatter, crash and tears! Kobi had ‘bumped’ the mirror and it fell on Kynan’s head. Shattered glass all through Kynan’s head (lucky no blood involved).
The shop lady was more worried about her mirror but then realized she should be worried about the child with the glass in his head!, which she worried about AFTER she told me how wonderful the dress looked on me! Weird moment. Anyway, funniest part about this is that Ian ended up using the shop lady’s vacuum cleaner to vacuum the glass out of his head.
In the meantime I purchased the dress because despite the ordeal I really, really liked the dress.
So we left the shop leaving behind our destruction….there was actually wild thunderstorms while we were in the shop too which was actually good timing as we were not driving on the road.
Needless to say, we headed ‘home’ and spent the rest of the afternoon in the safety of our holiday house. TOMORROW weather permitting we are going to learn to Stand Up Paddle Board with our newfound friend, Ethan, who taught us to surf, along the beautiful rivers of Kauai.

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