DAY 15 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 15

DAY 15
* checked out the beautiful old church in Hanalei [Wai’oli Hui’ia Church] so picturesque and OLD
* toured the Wai’oli Mission House Museum which was so interesting as the house is like a time capsule from the 1800s and my favourite part was that there was a WHOLE collection of old books exactly how they were left 150 years ago…..this tour guide also let us know what celebrities come to visit the island and their secret hideaways. I’m keeping an eye out for James Bond, Ian is on the lookout for Julia Roberts & Brooke is keen to find Justin Bieber. The tour guide ALSO showed us the mountains that inspired the legend of Puff the Magic Dragon [Kobi is going to now be Puffs friend now that Jackie Paper is no more :-(].
* checked out the view from Kilauea Lighthouse – pretty spectacular (this island is amazing)
* spent the rest of the afternoon snorkelling at Lydgate State Park which has rocks forming 2 safe swimming areas
* then another visit to Walmart and home just in time to witness a spectacular sunset.
I don’t think I will ever tire of the scenery. If you want a relaxing holiday in Paradise I highly recommend Kauai!

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