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DAY 18 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 18 – the day started off perfectly. More cloudy today and raining but we went for a 2 hour bike along the beach front which was definitely the most scenic ride I’ve been on. Shave Ice at the local store then off to view the beautiful Opaeka’a Falls, had a picnic lunch – with the… Read more »

DAY 17 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 17 – Exhausted after massive day out driving from the North Shore (where we’re staying), to the South Shore to drive up and view Waimea Canyon from the lookout. It was very special but the North Shore (in general) is so much prettier than the South Shore. On the way back we dropped into the… Read more »

DAY 16 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 16 – Everybody’s going surfin’, surfin’ USA in Kauai at Hanalei Beach! Yep! Today we have learnt to surf under the awesome tuition of Ethan from Kaua’i Outrigger Adventures. If you EVER come to Kauai and want to learn to surf, he is your man! Family friendly, affordable, experienced lifeguard and totally patient with the not… Read more »

DAY 15 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 15 * checked out the beautiful old church in Hanalei [Wai’oli Hui’ia Church] so picturesque and OLD * toured the Wai’oli Mission House Museum which was so interesting as the house is like a time capsule from the 1800s and my favourite part was that there was a WHOLE collection of old books… Read more »

DAY 14 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 14 – Just another beautiful day in Paradise. Hiked for an awesome view at the most North end of the island with 5 kids in tow. Brittany (teenager) managed 200 steps then gave up. We soldiered on and discovered very impressive views. We then visited the beautiful but dangerous to swim in, Hanalei Bay & Lumahai… Read more »

DAY 13 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 13 – WOW! The Island of Kauai is amazing! It is so so so pretty…and we haven’t even seen it at its best. The people are really friendly and relaxed and there are chickens everywhere – yes, real chickens – hens, roosters & chicks. Hawaiian Airlines has fantastic customer service and our flight was… Read more »

DAY 12 – Destination O’ahu, April 2013

DAY 12 – We loooooove Hawaii! So laid back and happy. Well mostly happy……this morning I went for my morning run (you’d be proud Steve & Rohan, but I fell over!!!! Yep! Embarrassed myself but got straight back up! I’m sure they were an American couple that saw me fall and they just turned their… Read more »

DAY 11 – Destination O’ahu, April 2013

DAY 11 – the teachers are going to be happy with us (that is if the kids ever have to do History projects on Hawaii!). Yet another day at a museum. The Bishop Museum today which has a very rich history on Hawaii. We also got to see a lava demonstration. That was pretty cool…. Read more »