DAY 12 – Destination O’ahu, April 2013

DAY 12

DAY 12 – We loooooove Hawaii! So laid back and happy. Well mostly happy……this morning I went for my morning run (you’d be proud Steve & Rohan, but I fell over!!!! Yep! Embarrassed myself but got straight back up! I’m sure they were an American couple that saw me fall and they just turned their noses up and looked the other way! Yep! No worries, I’m OK! It was the homeless guy that actually talked to me and told me to have a good day!
So we did! Another day in Paradise just hanging out on Waikiki Beach today. Had lunch at IHOP Restaurant. Not recommended! Expensive, but service pretty ordinary.
BUT we had a great afternoon taking in the sunshine & waves at the beach. Haven’t had surf lessons yet, but VERY tempting! AND this may be too much information but I bought a bikini and wore it in public! No- one else seems to care about their lumps & bumps so I’m not either! Off to bed for early start in the morning. We’re flying to the beautiful island of Kauai!

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