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QANTAS – Fly to Dallas, USA on QANTAS for $1073 return

Fly to Dallas, USA on Qantas for $1073 return Qantas is having an unannounced sale to Dallas, USA. Flights are usually $1500+ so $1073 is a bargain! Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth Flights $1073. Dep. 17/Feb/16 Ret. 02/Mar/16 for $1073   View Flight Dep. 20/Feb/16 Ret. 24/Feb/16 for $1073   View Flight Dep. 24/Feb/16 Ret. 09/Mar/16 for $1073… Read more »

Something about Yogi Bear – smarter than the average bear with over 50 locations in the USA & Canada accommodating for large families

My childhood includes fond memories reading Yogi Bear and watching Hanna Barbera cartoons on Saturday morning TV. My brother had a Yogi Bear cartoon book I used to read over and over again. I think it is this book that has embedded my continued passion for lovable Yogi Bear. This passion has continued through my… Read more »

DAY 13 – Destination Kauai, April 2013

DAY 13 – WOW! The Island of Kauai is amazing! It is so so so pretty…and we haven’t even seen it at its best. The people are really friendly and relaxed and there are chickens everywhere – yes, real chickens – hens, roosters & chicks. Hawaiian Airlines has fantastic customer service and our flight was… Read more »