Penolaraya – Quirky and entertaining for all ages

Our family loves railways so this was a must stop.  We were warmly welcomed and guided through by the owner and creator of this quirky attraction, Graham. There are railways and displays inside and outside all very colourful and sparkly.  Figurines from your childhood will trigger your memory and the children will delight at the hundreds of characters oversized, tiny, sitting in awkward positions and congregating in strange places.  An incentive to win a prize is at stake and to win the prize answers to a quiz are to be found by way of inspecting the hundreds of characters and displays within the building.  A tour and meander of the outside display is enjoyed,  the children then get the chance to control trains in another section.  Plenty of interaction is allowed. The children loved it.  As adults we appreciated the enormous amount of work put into the displays.   Highly recommend for families!

$35 for our family of 8

Penola Fantasy Model Railway & Rose’s Tea Rooms

38-40 Riddoch Street

Penola, SA

+61 8 87372247

Limestone Coast

Shire of Wattle Range


Have you been to Penolaraya?  What did you think?

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