DAY 3 – Destination O’ahu, March 2013


DAY 3 – Today we planned to go to Pearl Harbour but didn’t realise we should get there at 7am, so now we are going to go on Monday. Instead, today we bought a 7 day pass for the Waikiki Trolley. We have now down the ‘Green Line’ circuit twice and get where everything fits in.

So we climbed up to the top of Diamond Head crater. The views were pretty awesome once up the top. Not too steep a walk. A few whinges, tumbles and sore feet from the kids but they survived! A nice lady actually even offered Brooke her last bandaid.
Then we had a VERY late lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen, Kahala Mall Center. Exxy, yummy but not highly recommended for value for money.
Here, I discovered Macy’s! First purchase – a DKNY evening top for just US$22 – Bargain! The lovely lady at the counter also gave me a 10% discount voucher. Think that’s what you were talking about Karol! Bonus!
Then, we returned to The Pink Palace where Betty, Corey, Brooke, Kobi & Myself discovered the ABC Stores…….main purchase was 6 lilos for $2.99 each plus 60 cents each to blow them up & 2 x snorkel sets. Thanks for the tips Tracy Bugeja and Jenny Knight. Guy who inflated the lilos had never had 6 all at once. Seems we are still a spectacle with 6 kids even though we are in the USA where I thought larger families were a little more common – it appears not!
Back to the Hotel armed with our lilos we gather the rest of the family and head down to the beach for a sunset swim & snorkel. What a great life!
Good Friday tomorrow…..

Things we learned today

Toilet = Restroom
Thongs = Flip Flops or Slippers
Rubbish = Trash
Lemonade = non-fizzy lemon drink [kids found this out the hard way]
Sprite = Aussie lemonade

The house used for the filming of The Descendants and The Last Resort series set is in Diamond Head

Native Hawaiians have plenty of personality!

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